About Chris

Christopher FairI am a freelance fashion stylist who moved to London from New York several years ago because of a long-term relationship.

I am now back in NY and working in both cities.

In New York, I graduated from the Parson’s School of Design, and had an internship at MTV as an assistant to the head stylist in the styling department. From this, I became first assistant for several years and then branched out on my own as an independent stylist. I also worked on many window teams as a stylist at several designer companies.

When I first moved to London I was an assistant in Damien Hirst’s studio, which included working on the paintings and other art-related jobs.

Work in London included at Yohji Yamamoto in Conduit Street, where I was responsible for the visual aspect of the store and working with high profile clients.

I then decided to broaden my experience by working in a more mainstream commercial setting. I was given a job as a stylist on the visual merchandising team for the H&M flagship store in Regent Street, London.

While at this position, I have also worked independently on several fashion editorials to develop a new portfolio in Europe.

Email: chrisstyle_23@yahoo.com